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The Moths of Essex: cover illustration by Brian Goodey Lopinga Books: The Nature of Essex Series No. 5

page updated 10 APRIL 2022

The Moths of Essex

Brian Goodey
ISBN 0-9530362-5-1
published Jun-05
A5 softback 362 pages

Price £5.50 (post-free UK only)
  • Includes ALL species, both macros and micros
  • Distribution maps: 2 km squares for macrolepidoptera, 5 km squares for micros
  • Flight-time graphs for most macros and some micros (all those species where the data are sufficient)
  • Monochrome photographs of many species, taken in Essex, of living moths in natural resting positions
  • A chapter on Fisher's Estuarine Moth (Gortyna borellii ssp lunata) by Zoe Ringwood (Researcher who has made a four-year study of this species in Essex: a special species of the Essex coastlands)
  • Analysis of recent trends in the populations of the commoner moths by Dr Chris Gibson (English Nature)