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Flora of Essex: cover illustration by Stan Jermyn Essex Naturalists' Trust / Lopinga Books

page updated 10 November 2018

Flora of Essex
Stan Jermyn
ISBN 0-904768-01-5
published Oct-74
Large format (18 x 24.5 cm) casebound. 302 pages plus 6 maps (inc large, full-colour geology map fold-out)

Price £12.50 (post-free in the UK)

  • The Flora of Essex was recognised as one of the best floras published for any county
  • Full colour dust-jacket & 6 pages of colour plates painted especially for this book
  • Descriptions of the recording area, history of botanical recording and the county (with 17 pages of two colour maps plus large fold-out full-colour geological map)
  • Status reports on all species of the flora, including Stoneworts, Mosses & Liverworts, Ferns & their allies, Coniferous trees as well as all the Flowering Plants
  • Distribution maps at 1km sq scale for the rarer and more localised species plus 10km sq scale maps for the more widely (but not universally) distributed species
  • Hardbound book with gold lettering on spine.